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Originally Posted by sherlock View Post
Thank you for your answers everyone.
Do you get to see much NCAA football,Arena Football and semi-pro on TV in the States?
If so it must be good being able to see up and comming players in action.
College gets a lot of exposure here and is certainly where most pros come from. There are many, especially those in areas where there isn't an NFL francise nearby who follow college football more fervently than the pros. Then, in some areas of the country, people BLEED college (and high school) football.

There has been a real push lately by the Arena Football League, and its beginning to catch on in terms of fan base, but players rarely make the transition to the pros because the games are played VERY different. Imagine a 5 on 5 indoor soccer match (on those smaller pitches with the netting or fencing, I know they have those in Italy and the States but not sure if they do in England). Now compare that to a Premiership match. That is the difference between Arena and NFL.

I know in my area there isn't really any semi-pro action.

There was also a league for like two years called the XFL a few years back, but it was a wash. I think only a handful of players joined the NFL after its disbanding. One was former Steelers QB, Tommy Maddox.

There is a Canadian Football League that some NFL players go to and some of theirs come down here, but to be honest the LARGE majority come into the NFL from College, either via the draft, as Undrafted Free Agents, or through the Supplemental Draft. You will become very familiar with all of these in the next few months
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