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Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
I'm going to have to agree here, props to you for all the work you put in on it. Maybe I'm too old school, I like the black and white. I dont think the NFL will allow yellow as an alternate for white and we HAVE to wear black at home.
I know the NFL might not allow the yellow and you obviously have not read my previous post, so I will post it again:

I would be fine if the steelers refused (or aren't allowed) to wear the yellow version for their games as long as they allow Reebok or whoever to make the jerseys just for the fans (as in the case of the Steelers gray storm jerseys- not used in the games but just made for the fans)!

Also, if you are too "old school" then simply don't buy a yellow version if it comes out. Some people liked the gray storm jerseys, some didn't.
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