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Default Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!

Beating the Steelers five or more weeks ago would be news. Beating this team doesn't make you more legit. In fact, I'd question how legit your team really is if it doesn't beat these Steelers.

You gotta figure the AFC goes:
1. Indy;
2. - T Denver, Cincy;
4. Jacksonville;
5. San Diego;
6. T - Pittsburg, K.C.

Sixth-place, baby! It's disgusting but true. I'm sure it's nice to think that Da Bears are gonna come in to Heinz and smoke a struggling team but even if they do, what does it prove? Nada.

One thing a loss proves, though, is that this Bears team is a lot like the team that got crushed by Philly in the playoffs a few seasons ago. They've got a great defense that can score as easily as the offense (not saying much) but at some point don't you have to think that somebody will score on them?

I mean, if a team scores 21 on the Bears do they win by a touchdown? Hopefully we'll find out this weekend. I don't know, though, because the Steelers line is playing so freakin' bad that it would be tough to beat a team with no defense (see Cincy).

If the Steelers lose four straight, especially to Da Bears, this Steelers fan in Illinois is likely to go on a bank robbing spree that ends in a shootout with Mexican federales.
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