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Originally Posted by Stlrs4Life View Post
???? We have a Rep President. What has he done about this?

The sad fact of the matter there is little he can do. Congress makes the laws, not the President, he can try to push congress into acting but now he is a lame duck with the opposing party in power. They care about votes they may get, not the people who voted them into office.

What concerns me is that the IRS has the names and address of illegals working in this country , because they will be getting the same refund checks legal citizens are going to get. Now if the IRS knows who they are and where they are, why doesn't INS. I thought after 9-11 all branches were supposed to share information, or are some just turning their back on it and sending reports to the shredder?

I feel if the American people don't stand up for what is theirs before it is all lost shame on them. We as a nation have become to apathetic, let the other guy do it. When in fact no one is doing it and Congress is all to happy to take it all away, for more themselves, in money and votes. How many of you would love to be able to give your self raises? Congress does it every year plus other perks we as tax payers can only dream of. Why because the voting public allows it. They don't care they don't read the issues and worse over 50% don't even vote.

It should be a law that every able American must vote and know the issues, then maybe just maybe something could be done. The liberal media tells us what they want us to know and nothing more, People are to lazy to go find out what they are not being told, and to brain washed by the media to believe what they may accidentally find out is in direct opposition to what the media is reporting.

Well I better shut up, before I piss off someone else. So rant off.

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