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Default Re: Sorry to all the Giuliani fans on SF.

Originally Posted by Stlrs4Life View Post
Not the Scared Socialized Medicine view. Damn shame the Reps don't want every American to havehealthcare. (Free) I spent 2 years in Germany, and the Germans loved it. Never copmplained about it either.

And your feelings about Obama? I feel the same about Rudy and Mitt, (Other than being a Republican) that they are mistrusting.
I want Americans to have healthcare, just those of us who are legal citizens should be getting our healthcare. The Illegal Immigrants should be getting in line with the rest of them and waiting to get theirs. I don't want to be eventually paying taxes higher then my parents do/did at their age. Free Healthcare is what you may think is coming, but in reality it's not as 76 said. No healthcare is free. They make it up in tax increases for all Americans. I don't want a mass tax increase with the current state of our economy and where it could end up going.

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