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Default Re: Sorry to all the Giuliani fans on SF.

Originally Posted by Stlrs4Life View Post
You would get the same care you get today. Only change would be it would be cheaper for you. Doctors would make a little less. Regardless, the healthcare system we have now is not working.
Doctors would make less? OK, what about the astronomical cost of malpractice insurance? That has a LOT more to do with the (non) affordability of healthcare in this country than doctors' salaries do. I agree, the healthcare system in this country as it currently stands is broken and needs fixing drastically, but I don't think handing the reins over to the government is the answer. I think it should be approached with the mindset of controlling and then gradually reducing costs, without compromising the quality of care, and I don't think the socialization of healthcare will fill that bill - look at how many billions of dollars a year Medicare is defrauded out of, as an example. When it comes to controlling/reducing costs in any industry, the federal government should be the last party involved.

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