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Default Re: Sorry to all the Giuliani fans on SF.

Originally Posted by Stlrs4Life View Post
Not the Scared Socialized Medicine view. Damn shame the Reps don't want every American to havehealthcare. (Free) I spent 2 years in Germany, and the Germans loved it. Never copmplained about it either.

And your feelings about Obama? I feel the same about Rudy and Mitt, (Other than being a Republican) that they are mistrusting.
Dom - how long ago were you in Germany? Times have changed. As I said - ask any Brit or Canadian how they feel about socialized medicine. You'll get a much more negative response, I'm sure of it.

You seem to tow the party line, Dom, and that is fine. I don't vote that way normally and I took a good hard look at each candidate's (even Bitchary and Obama) platform. Truthfully, as I've said before, I'm not overly impressed with any of the candidates, not even the GOP'ers, but a vote for McCain or whoever gets the GOP nom is a vote taken away from Bitchary or Obama.

P.S. If John Edwards had stayed in the race and had secured the nom, he would definitely have had my vote.

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