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Default Re: Sorry to all the Giuliani fans on SF.

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
In his State of the Union address earlier this week, GW proposed allocating $30 BILLION dollars over the next 5 years for HIV/AIDS treatment/research. How about putting a fraction of that money towards getting the word out there that the best weapon against HIV/AIDS is practicing safe sex???? It's really not rocket science. Take the large balance of those billions and come up with a health insurance plan that would make insurance affordable to the 47+ million Americans who simply can't afford it. There should be NO American without health insurance. Not one.
Good point, Marianne - a government-subsidized health insurance plan should be the extent of "socialization" of healthcare in this country, IMO.

Private employers can also do things to reduce the cost of healthcare in this country. For example, my company, through its "employee wellness" program, is offering to cover the entire health insurance premium in 2009 (both employer and employee share) for 50 employees that are picked in a drawing. To be eligible for the drawing, you have to earn 30 "wellness points" by the end of 2008. To do this, you must actively participate in at least two company-sponsored programs that promote a healthier lifestyle (a weight loss program, exercise program, nutritional program, among others). In so doing, the employees that participate in these programs themselves become healthier and presumably less of a burden to the healthcare system which translates to reduced overall healthcare costs. BTW, I am participating - a chance at a year of free health benefits is a little too good to pass up. Initiatives like these by private employers en masse could really make a huge difference in the amount spent on healthcare in this country in the long run.
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