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Default Re: TailGating Stories

Hmmm...I'll start. I tailgate for every football game I go to, even the college games. I tailgate namely to socialize with people I meet on Message Boards, truth be told. Since a lot of them are from all over the Country, and I only post on Steelers BB's, meeting at games is the only way to ever see them in person. As for tickets, I don't always have tickets when I get to the tailgate, but I always do by time I leave.

Some of the weirdest stuff I've seen was tailgating at the annual draft day party my other BB holds at Heinz Field every Draft Day. An old man with a Llama stopped by once...still not sure why the Hell the guy had a Llama in the Heinz Field parking lot, but he did. Come to think of it, I may not be the best person to recollect stories of wild tailgate going-on's, since they usually involve me and copious amounts of alcohol.

Probably the worst part is all the homeless people begging for food and panhandling.
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