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Default Re: Sorry to all the Giuliani fans on SF.

No offense, and I mean that sincerely when I say it, but the reason I am a moderate and not a liberal is that I live in the real World. Many liberal views are nice, and I actually share many of the same end goals, but living in Utopia is a dream, and not at all realistic.

I'd love for everyone to have affordable health care. I want everyone to have a job. I believe the environment needs to be cleaned up. I think cars should be more efficient. I think overpaid CEO's who rape companies then float down on golden parachutes while the rank and file get f*cked are filthy pigs that should be taken out in the street and shot. I want all people of varying ethnicities/religions to live together in harmony. Etc, etc, etc...

But that ain't how the World works.
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