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Default Re: The Official F YOU Patriots* Thread

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
I'm not going to sit by idly. Oh no. I'm gonna let the classless Patriots and their fans have it for the next couple months. The Giants fans may have won, but this is sweet sweet victory for all Patriots haters. Even America knows the Patriots dynasty is a sham. Marvel at the Fox sports poll: The 00's Patriots came in DEAD LAST in the polls. The top one? The 70's Steelers. This is incredible and I'm going to live it up.

-'The Genius' is outcoached by Tom Coughlin.
-Terrific Tom Brady blows chunks on the big stage. Funny how he folds when he doesn't have a O-Line to block him.
-Assclown Junior Say-Ow is still without a Super Bowl ring!
-2007 Patriots will go down in history as the biggest choke job frauds in Sports. To still call them the greatest team of all time is a slap to the face to all the great championship teams of the past.

Hey, don't worry, New England. You'll always be the 43RD best team in history! If you ask me, this 18-1 is the worst, the smelliest 18-1 you can get. This 18-1 is different. It's a big steaming turd of failure.

And the toilets are overflowing everywhere in New England today. You kill me sometimes. lol
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