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Default Re: TailGating Stories

Originally Posted by ShiestyLG
Hey, my names Matt and I'm a Pitt student. For one of my classes I'm writing a paper on tailgating and was wondering if I could get some stories of tailgaiting from some fans.

How often do you tailgate? Do you tailgate for other teams?

What's some of the craziest tailgating experiences that you can remember?

Why do you tailgate?

Do you have tixits to the game or do you just go to tailgate?

Other than drink and eat, what else do you do while tailgating?

I am part of a Huge Tailgate. Each one of us bring something to the Tailgate to eat, plus you bring your own choice of Beverage. Mine is IC Light, of couse. It's a Burgh Thing! We have been tailgating together now for over 13 years, even though I met up with them then, the older ones have been tailgating for over 25 years! Our Tailgate has won alot of awards over the past. In 2001 we won the Jack Daniels Award for best Tailgate in Pittsburgh! Steelers ruined it for us though. We tailgate every Steelers game. Lots open 5 hours before game time, so the tailgate starts promptly then. We evern tailgate when ever we go for a road game. We have tailgated at Baltimore, Cincy, and Buffalo. Buffalo is a great tailgating stadium. We all have tickets inside the game. But have hosted people who just come down to tailgate, then walk over too Hi Tops and watch it. We have this tradition of, every so often during the tailgate that we call "Meeting Time". We pour alot of Shots, mostly of Schnaaps. After the Shots are poured, our leader shouts: "Whose House is it?", and we yell Back "Steelers House!" and then you down your shot! It's fun, and tailgating is part of the NFL game experience if you ask me. Majority opf the people hang out drink a few beers, and talk about various things about anything. There is toom many stories that I can tell you, if you want to give me a call, I'll talk to ya. My phone number is: 724-964-1119. I'll help you anyway that I can. I hate typing! LOL! You aere more than welcome to join us this Sunday for the Bears game. We are in Blue Lot #7F. I'll post a map for you. Look for a yelow Ford Escape, parked next to a Black Chevy Envoy.

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