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Default Re: The Official F YOU Patriots* Thread

My life is now complete for this season. I heard all the whining, the excuses, I even saw a "man" crying on the news this morning. What a goddam sissy. He must have lost all of his money on the game, because he was crying that he couldn't get home. Oh, how sweet it was to watch the hung over, the detoxing, the worthless mass of humbled humanity walk into work today with heads hung low. I almost felt sorry for them. ALMOST! I think I hurled my first grenade at 6:01 AM, and the barrage of carpet bombs that followed was sooooooo sweet.
My phrase for the day was, "Remind me again how this Pats dynasty is so much better than the Steelers, when they only have 3 rings? I just ain't understanding it."
People calling in on the radio were jumping off the bandwagon at 75MPH. One fan even said he wanted Brady dead. DEAD! How F'ed up is that from your own fans? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Calling Matt Light, Matt Light in the loafers. Hahahahahahahaha. Calling for Ellis Hobbs' head when he fell flat on his dumb face in the end zone.
I knew it all along. Pats fans are only there when they are winning.
Funny thing though, you'd think they'd want Losers for a football team, as misery loves company.

Congatulations Patriots on the biggest meltdown in sports history.

Oh and Patsrule- you suck too. Where are you now loser? I'm an ironworker, right in downtown boozetown. I can build you a bridge to jump off of if you want. Try the Zakim, I think it's high enough. Just make sure you go HEAD FIRST!!!!


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