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Default Re: Super Bowl ratings: Pittsburghers sure do hate the Pats

I'm not surprised this was the highest rated SB at all.

I was reading comments at some articles posted yesterday, and what the NE people don't seem to get is that 90% (my completely unscientific guess) of all football fans were praying the Patriots would go down in flames. Not because we were jealous, but because we dispproved of their image, attitude and tactics (to put it mildly). They seem to think the whole country was Pats fans and were hoping for that perfect 19-0. They just don't get it. They and their coach are just. not. liked and respected by the majority of fans, at least not any more.

I guess so many tuned in praying for divine intervention to smite the evil Pats.
And it worked! Kind of restores your faith, don't it? Very satisfying.

My worst nightmare was a Cowboys vs Patriots Super Bowl. I would just have to hope the field was struck by lightning or something - no way I wanted either one of them to get another ring. Fortunately, Romo choked once again in a post season game, so at least I didn't have to worry about that!

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