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Default Re: Super Bowl ratings: Pittsburghers sure do hate the Pats

Originally Posted by OneForTheToe View Post
I' m sure by now most have heard that the game was the most wached Super Bowl in history at 97 million viewers and change. However, note within this article the top five markets for the game based on HH ratings (which are a % of all TVs households).

Who watched where?
Interestingly enough, New York City wasn't among the metropolitan areas most-glued to TV sets for the Giants' win, according to NFL numbers.

Top 5 markets, SB XLII ratings Market Rating
Boston 55.6
Indianapolis 54.1
Jacksonville 52.0
Pittsburgh 50.8
Washington., D.C. 50.3

So Pittsburgh had a higher rating than even NY. I guess so many tuned in praying for divine intervention to smite the evil Pats.

Yep, hate is a four letter word.
Its funny, the top three markets after Boston were all Pats haters!
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