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Default Eli Manning has arrived

I think Eli Manning has finally arrived, and he decided to showcase it on the biggest stage of all, the Super Bowl.

In years past he looked like he'd rather be doing anything else than playing professional football. But something changed this year, and it happened about the time Tiki Barber said that Eli wasn't a leader on the Giants.

I think that kind of shocked him, I don't think Eli expected Tiki to blast him like that. I think that set things in motion for Eli Manning to prove Tiki, and basicly everyone else, wrong.

He started having fun, stopped looking confused and frustrated all the time. He started making good desicions.

I also think it helped having Jeremy Shockey go down with a broken leg. Yeah, he's a big target, and he is also a big negative personality.

Last year and the year before Eli was overshadowed by the presences of Tiki, Shockey, and Burress.

It was never Eli Manning's huddle. He always had those three in his ear about getting them the ball. Plax wanted the pass thrown to him, Shockey wanted the ball, and Tiki wanted an audible to a run play or for the ball to be dumped off to him in the flat.

Once Shockey went out, it became Eli Manning's huddle. He commanded the attention. Burress didn't have to worry about getting the ball with Tiki and Shockey both gone.

I don't expect things to change at all when Shockey is back with the Giants in 2008. I think this is now Eli Manning's offense, and Shockey and Plax will both be able to respect that.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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