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Default Re: Rhee Rhee's Mock Draft

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
3 picks for miami.....0 recievers ?.......i believe i saw somewhere that miami recievers had 4 total rec td's. i'd think thier gonna want to address that early.
i don't see justin king going in rd 2.
i think dre moore goes before at least 2 DT's you have listed
what im guesssing that miami does is they just wing the reciever and try to adress that in FA with a veteran reciever in bryant johnson or berrian or someone... plus in the 3rd im guessing they target a pass catching TE (fred davis) or martellus bennett or that missouri TE rucker...

justin king on talent alone is a first rounder in my opinion... but that's if u ask me now i think CB's are gonna fly this year with basically CB being one of the deepest positions in this years draft...

dre moore was a toss up between trevor laws for denver... i just wasnt sure... i picked laws over moore mainly due to the fact that laws has been very productive in both a 3-4 and a 4-3 plus as i read more up on him i hear he was an undefeated highschool wrestler....

aussie... i actually have us picking chilo rachal from USC... he's a guy that i am getting VERY high on and Mel kiper has been quoted saying the kid has low 1st round talent...
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