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i have 08 for the ps3 and always do franchise. i was in year 2011 and had to start all over. oh well. but here's a way to make sure you draft the best rookies. some may call it cheating. but i've done it for years now.

step 1. turn off the trade deadline at start of new franchise
step 2. trade your 1st pick to the worst team at the end of week 17, before the playoffs, you can get their 1st, #1 overall and their 3rd usually.
step 3. trade whatever picks you need to get the #2 pick, you can sometimes even get a late 1st rounder in addition
step 4 finish the season and SAVE IT!
step 5 go through the whole off season, SIM IT, and stop before preseaon, DON'T SAVE IT!
step 6 go into the rosters and write down all the best rookies names, stats and ratings etc..
steo 7 go into draft recap and look for those guys and see what # they got drafted write it down, quit season WITHOUT saving it.
step 8 start season again, it'll start from the start of the offseason
step 9 go to the draft with the #1 and #2 picks and you can draft the 2 best or trade down to get other guys who went later in the 1st. if you trade picks you can end up with 4 1st rounders sometimes. the guys usually get drafted in the same spots give or take a few.

the 1 time i had the #1,#2, #8, #11 picks. i ended up getting 4 rookies with 75 to 80 ratings. and my drafting was done and my team getting stacked. imagine after 3 seasons how many good-great players you get. it takes awhile to do it but i like it. i have a chart with the players names, position, ov rating, speed, strength, etc....
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