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Default Re: Terrelle Pryor going to Ohio state

The reports around here are that PSU is playing hardball with Pryor, laying it on thick with the "You owe it to PA to stay in PA" and the like. Mike Brewster, one of the three absolutely monstrous stud OLineman the Bucks signed was pretty pissed about the whole things. He said:

''I know programs are doing this and that, and Penn State is trying to bully him — play the in-state team, little town (thing),'' he said. ''I just want to make sure he's protected not only on the field but off. I'm definitely going to make sure he ends up here because I don't want anyone else blocking for him.''

This thing is starting to turn into a 3 ring circus.

Concerning the Buckeyes class, they are consistently being rated #7 or #8 without him. But considering that arguably two of the best players on the defense (Lauranitis and Jenkins) were only ever 2 start recruits, that doesn't mean much. The Bucks did what they do. They invited 26 kids in, most of them from Ohio, kids they had a bead on, and 19 of them have signed. The jury is still out on #20, but they'll survive without Terrelle Pryor if he foes elsewhere.
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