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Thumbs up Interesting news on the pouting Patriots

Hey, guys. I just got this from the PhillySteelers group on yahoo. If it's posted here already or maybe even some of you are in that group, then I'm sorry. I just thought that I share this.

================================================== ===
1. Tom Brady's girlfriend makes a bet before kickoff..."If the Pats lose, I will run naked through New York streets."
-> of course we know what happened and OF COURSE Jezebel (whatever her name is) has retracted her bet.

2. Seau and Bruschi caught celebrating a bit too early!
-> maybe instead of hugging, giving high fives and whispering in each others ear...they should've been focusing on finishing the game.

3. Bill Bellyache (whatever his name is), leaves field after hugging winning coach with 1 second left.
-> did anyone expect him to stand up and be a man? you lost bum! Sorry about that last incorrect statement...I meant, you lost you cheating bum!

4. Moss and Brady out of Pro Bowl
-> did anyone expect any different? I bet if they had won the Super Bowl, they'd have no "nagging injuries". WAAAAAAAA . What a bunch of babies!

5. Bellyache gives 1 minute post game interview.
-> this sorry piece of crap for a coach AND human being; needs to be kicked out of the NFL and to be just kicked in the ass!

6. Spygate news
-> I wish in that 1 minute post-interview that Bellyache gave that one of the reporters asked asked..."Coach, do you think it would've helped you guys beat the Giants if were given the chance to tape the final giants walkthrough?"

7. Even the reporters for Boston...
-> you know something is wrong with you when your own reporters are calling you a jerk on ESPN radio.

8. Dynasty...not so fast
-> caught on tape, members of the Giants team rip up a sign showing the Patriots Super Bowl wins which already listed this past game making them a dynasty.

***Interesting note***

On this sign showing the Pats. as a Dynasty, they were listed above the Steelers. Order listed was as follows; Pats, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys. too bad for them...Strahan corrects their message with this statement... "Pittsburgh was the 1st Dynasty and by far the best. NO team is better than they were. 6 years and 4 titles. It'll take more than 7 for the Pats to get their 4th and then they still aren't above these other teams."
================================================== =====

Since it was quoted from an email I can't give you guys any link or anything of that kind 4 the source. Sorry.
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