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Default Re: Romney ahead in FL

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
And that is, as they say, pretty much that for the GOP. I think Romney is actually calling it a "suspension", but that just means he hopes to be VP. That would appease the base some.

Conservatives need to get on board. McCain talked about finding common ground. If you are a true conservative, which would you rather have?

-Hillary Clinton (More moderate when you scratch the surface than she initially appears, but she's a Clinton, so, deeply hated by the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracists")

Barrack Obama- The most liberal of liberals

John McCain- A guy who has a past of being a little bit of a maverick, but still has a pretty conservative pedigree.

That's it. Those are your choices.
Well it was the best for Romney to exit, even though I supported it, it is pointless to continue after what happened super Tuesday, it would just waste more money.

When it comes down to it the majority of republicans will vote for the republican candidate and the majority of democrats will vote for the democrat candidate.

At least with a moderate like McCain we can draw alot of independents and moderate democrats...even though I disagree with him on a decent number of issues, he is much, much better then Clinton or Barack.
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