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Default Re: Patriots' Season Perfect For Rest Of Nation

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
"The utter lack of humility they displayed alongside an equal lack of any joy in the game, that toad of a coach, and that cologne-ad quarterback… If they have to act that badly while playing that well, you really want to see them fail in the biggest way possible. Thank God almighty, that's what we got."

God, that's ...beautiful. I have a tear in my eye.

You can always count on the Onion for the best stuff, and this is a perfect summation. It was perfect karma to see the cheaters fail on the biggest, most humiliating stage of all.

I'm not sure why, but I'm reminded of what is still the funniest piece I think I've ever read in The Onion - it came out back when there was all that flap over Roger Clemens only having to be present at the ballpark on days that he pitched (the infamous "family plan"):

Manny Ramirez Asks Red Sox If He Can Work From Home
May 3, 2007 | | Onion Sports

BOSTON—Claiming that a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to create his own schedule would greatly benefit his productivity, Red Sox left-fielder Manny Ramirez has asked team officials if he can play the remainder of the season from the comfort of his own home. "My client just can't seem to focus in his current place of work," said Ramirez's agent Greg Genske, noting that Fenway Park's loud, boisterous atmosphere and high-stress, pressure-packed environment are "not ideal working conditions for anyone." "Manny seeks a work space where he doesn't have to constantly travel, can wear whatever he wants, and can work at his own pace. I assure you that he will be able to put up the same statistics he normally does while physically on a baseball diamond. Just give him until November or December." The Red Sox have tentatively agreed to allow Ramirez to telecommute, claiming that although their offense may suffer without him at the ballpark, their defense in a vacant left field may substantially improve.

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