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Default 2008 NFL Draft Fullback Rankings

2008 NFL Draft Fullback Rankings

This year's fullback class is a deep group at the top. There are five prospects who will likely develop into starters during their careers.
Owen Schmitt, Jacob Hester and Peyton Hillis were productive very productive for Bowl Championship Series programs in college. Jerome Felton is a solid small-college prospect with a starting grade, while Carl Stewart of Auburn also grading out high in several areas.
This position has been minimized over the past decade due to the emergence of the H-back role. Many clubs now carry four tight ends and only one fullback.

The top three prospects in this group carry marginal top-125 grades.

Fullback Rankings

1. Owen Schmitt, 6-2, 260, West Virginia
Schmitt is a hard-nosed prospect with fine blocking skills and strength. He also has shown the ability to run well and catch the ball out of the backfield.

2. Jacob Hester, 5-11, 230, LSU
Hester is a versatile prospect who can fill any role in the backfield. He is a fine inside runner and has shown sure hands as a receiver.

3. Peyton Hillis, 6-1, 245, Arkansas
This athletic fullback played in the shadow of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. Hillis has the skills to shine in the right setting.

4. Jerome Felton, 6-0, 250, Furman
Felton is a tough small-college fullback who has been a great goal-line runner.

5. Carl Stewart, 6-1, 225, Auburn
Stewart is an athletic player who has displayed the skills to be one of the best swing backs in this class.

6. Julius Crosslin, 6-0, 230, Oklahoma State
This strong, compact prospect had a fine senior season. He has the skill set to surprise at the next level.

7. Mike Cox, 6-0, 250, Georgia Tech
Cox is a physical fullback and has proven to be a crushing lead blocker. He is an ideal for the two-back set.

8. Brandon McAnderson, 5-11, 240, Kansas
McAnderson is a big tailback-type who will probably fit into the fullback role in an NFL West Coast offense.

9. Chris Alexander, 5-11, 245, Texas A&M
Alexander is an effective lead blocker. He also catches the ball well, and could fill a few different roles.

10. Dionte Johnson, 5-11, 240, Ohio State
Johnson is the kind of blocking fullback who doesn't mind doing the grunt work at this position. He could also be an effective special teams performer.

11. Adam Ballard, 6-0, 236, Navy
12. Michael Pitre, 5-11, 245, UCLA
13. Tom Busch, 5-10, 235, Iowa
14. Justin Valentine, 6-0, 230, Minnesota
15. Tielor Robinson, 5-10, 245, Duke
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