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Default Re: Penguins Tickets?

Originally Posted by meanjoecoop View Post
Anyone know what the availability of Pens tickets is from scalpers on game day?

Im planning to come up for a game in March. I usually like to have tickets in hand. But this past season when I came in for Steelers games I found better tickets and better prices on game day from scalpers than from Stub Hub and such. I havent seen many tickets on Ebay and the ticket sites are outrageous. Im a bit concerned that they may be scarce ansd unavailable.

Any info would be appreciated.
There are always scalpers out before Pens games, so they are available. I don't know how many of them they'll have, though, since it's obviously a pretty hot ticket and most fans aren't giving them up. And in March, they will probably be more difficult to get since the Pens will be playing mainly division rivals at home and they may still be fighting for the division title. Good luck - I hope you can get your hands on a couple!
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