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Default Re: Bud Shootout?


this win saturday nite seals his fate as the greatest driver of all time, eclipsing his late great father.

finally, the team hendrick era of dominance will come falling to its knees.

im calling it now. jr. will win all but 3 races (las vegas, watkins glen, talledega) in the most historic run for the cup EVER!

now that i got that out of my system, it was nice to see stewart and busch pick right up where they left off last season and start bitchslapping eachother on the track from the get go.

it seems obvious that its gonna be a 1 make race for the chase this season. ford seems to be going extinct. dodge is always behind the curve. toyota hasnt really had a chance to get behind the curve and with gibbs, may actually have a leg up on the other 2 makes.

so by proxy i have to be a junior fan to knock off the dreaded patriots..err... team hendrick. i can take solice in the fact that him winning it for rick would be like "good guy" peyton manning taking over for the patriots for a year, smashing all of bradys records, and winning a superbowl in dominating montanalike fashion.

for what its worth, i always looked at brady, gordon and especially jimmie as clones of eachother, but after this past season, as far as atheletes go, brady is the most insufferable of them all. as much of a chickenlipped geek i think gordon is, i can honestly say he knows the meaning of "humble pie". (not a catch phrase, trademarked slogan, just to sell tee-shirts).

i dont think any driver (even the hendrick twins) could ever approach the assholishness of tom.

if the 500 shakes out anything like the shootout (and i suspect it will) i think it will be interresting to see who jr.s friends are out there. i still think stewart will be his most trustworthy "partner".

cant wait. hope to take off work thursday for the duels.
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