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Default Re: Romney ahead in FL

His liberal side? What liberal side?

You know what scares me more than anything in this world? Not the people who actually really and truly believe that their parties entire platform, plank by plank, is the unequivocal and unquestionable "way it should be". Although there are plenty of those out there, and they are scary enough, they only do minor damage in their own little sphere of influence.

What scares the living shit out of me is that one day one of these totally sold out ideologues is going to attain a position of ultimate power, and actually start implementing the insanity. Like Hitler did.

What makes this Country (still) great is the fact that it sits in the middle. The middle works. We are a progressive society, but kept in just the right check by our conservative side. We are pioneers who take risks, but calculated risks. I'm off on a tangent, now, but the point remains. We are NOT moving right, and we are NOT moving left, we are actually discovering that the political will and feel of this Country is right where it has always been, right in the middle, and we finally have a candidate or two who are willing to take the risk of appealing to them.
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