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Default Re: Navy Intercepts Russian Bombers

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Keep in mind that the threat of nuclear annihilation is gone. That threat died once everyone realized what kind of genie was actually in that bottle that we unleashed. But the threat of arming a terrorist state is very real. And once the Russians start down this path, how do we know where they will stop? They know we don't have the manpower right now to counter them directly (conventionally), and they are taking advantage of our preoccupation in the middle east. It's ugly, and it makes the next election even more important than it would have been before.

Sorry, Obama looks like Carter to me. Diplomacy at any cost spells failure. Hilary? Too much wag the dog from her husband for me to trust her. McCain is the only guy I'd trust.
Actually, I am on track with you so very much.
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