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Default Re: Romney ahead in FL

What liberal side? The side that he often vacillates towards:

1. He just said he wouldn't vote for the immigration bill he co-sponsorded with a democrat.

2. He has both opposed and favored the Bush tax cuts

3. He co-sponsored a campaign finance reform then abandoned it (I think)

4. both against and for torture

5. for and against ethanol

6. for & against overturning roe v. wade.

One thing I like about him is he has consistently shown concern for deficits & government spending. So perhaps he would be fiscally responsible which I think is vital.

These are just a few important issues he has changed positions on so I am sure you can understand my concern. However, I would still vote for him over Obama or Hillary. BTW, if you look at where our country has gone in the last 50 years, we have gone far to the right IMO.
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