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Default Here Kitty kitty

Last night we were kickin back watching the tube when the dogs starting going ape shit, luckily they were in the house at the time(I think). My big lab just about went through the door while the pup was kinda hiding behind him trying to peek around.
So I get up to see what the hell is going on, thinking theres another skunk sneaking around out back. Well to my surprise I flip on the outside lights and this is what was looking back at me. The one pic is when it was eyeballin the pup, the other one is just before it jumped off the porch.
So needless to say I'm packin and keeping a real close eye on the muts when we let them out now. Normally they spend most their time outside. Hopefully it'll move on by its self but not before it thins out some skunks and couple of house cats.


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