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Default Re: The Bengals

Our defense, believe it or not, is one of the reasons we are doing as well as we are right now. Bare with me here...our defense bends a whole lot (especially in the running game), but we force so many turnovers that it always bails us out.

We don't turn the ball over and we force a lot of turnovers (leading the league in turnover ratio by a mile)...I think if we can keep doing that we will have a chance, but no question the defensive line has to improve.

However, I think Cincinnati could beat any team except the Colts in a shoot-out. That's the type of game that the Bengals want to force the other team into, because they can light up the scoreboard without turning the ball over and they know that eventually the other team is going to make a mistake (i.e. turn the ball over) and the Bengals will be able to jump on it. A little unorthodox, but hey, it works.
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