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Default Re: Navy Intercepts Russian Bombers

Alot of Russia's current "saber rattling" has to do with the situation in Serbia/Kosovo. The Balkins have always been a problem, for Europe, since the days of the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. Quick breakdown of what's going on.

Southern Serbia, known to the UN and the world as Kosovo, wants to declare independence from Serbia. Serbia doesn't want them to have autonomy, for various reasons, historic landmarks, land grab by the Albanians, access to the Sea. The UN is backing Kosovo in this bid for independence, Russia is backing the Serbs.

Breakdown. Kosovo is currently run by a majority rule of Albanians, who are Moslim. The Serbs, majority, are Orthodox Christian. This is religious as much as any war, and also about land and resources, just like any war. The problem, now with Russia backing the Serbs, is they also in the same breath can't back Iran, see, that would upset the Serbs, cause of the religous nature. Russia isn't forming an alliance with Iran, its finding a buyer for his products, (weapons) and that's it. They don't agree on anything other than, the US is bad, and weapons need to exchange hands.

Anyway...I study this stuff, in my spare time, and follow it very closely. Serbia/Kosovo is going to be a huge problem if it isn't contained. And history shows us, that area is where all the world wars start. Its the gateway and clash of civilizations, look at a map, notice who borders all that land, its the "wall" between cultures. Its a mess.
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