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Default Re: Danica Patricks SI swimsuit photos

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
1. She's a terrible driver. She causes more wrecks than anyone else in the IRL.

lol. so? this is about SI Swimsuit edition not Car and Driver magazine.

2. The only reason she's still around and not off racing enduros somewhere in Europe is because she's willing to act like a *profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprof anityfilterprofanityfilter*on TV and show skin in SI.

the only reason she is still around is because the IRL needs her, and there are plenty of people willing to pay her to drive (and model a swimsuit, or sell products.)

3. You rip on strippers. porn stars, etc. i support strippers and porn start too. youre the one ripping somebody for wearing a swimsuit. shame. Yet you support a girl with a tramp stamp who took off her wedding ring for her SI photo shoot. If that's not acting like a profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfilter, I have no idea what is. dude, its a magazine shoot showing some nice soft skin. i wasnt to interested at looking at her ring finger .

Bottom line is that she's a joke to the entire open wheel community. She's not respected by most of the fans and she's hated by all of the other drivers.

the entire open wheel community is a joke. most of the fans and all of the drivers are probably spankin it to her spread right now. but i get your point. it must suck to be hated by almost everybody. still dont see what it has to do with her pictures though.

If you want to back a female driver who's won something, go and back Ashley Force.

does she have any half naked pics? maybe i'll front and back her.
ive never seen a skin rag irritate somebody so much.
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