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Default Re: Danica Patricks SI swimsuit photos

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
You can think whatever you wish of her, of course, but the numbers don't lie. Me thinks you have a problem with her driving an Indy car BECAUSE she is female which is unfair. I love auto racing, but never in a bazillion years would I even consider driving a race car. I give the few women who are professional drivers all of the props in the world.

Do you feel Helio Castroneves is a fruit because he participated in (and won) the Dancing With the Stars competition last season? In many of those Latin dances, the male partner has to put the "feely" on his female partner who is usually dressed in pretty skimpy costumes (and looked beautiful!). God help us all - Helio had his shirt unbuttoned several times, baring his chest - does that make him a sleezeball? Hell no.

So what if Danica wants to showcase her beauty and her body? It's not like she posed totally nude for Playboy and even if she did, I say - if ya got it, flaunt it, and she's got it. More power to her.
I have two young daughters. I would love for them to have strong female role models besides their mom. Sports is a brand front frontier for women to be strong role models in. Softball, track & field, basketball, etc all have strong female role models for young girls to follow.

But when it comes to auto racing, the biggest name is only the biggest name because she takes off her clothes. Danica Patrick is no better than a common stripper. She can't get over on her talent, so she gets over using her body. There's a name for that, and that name is wh*ore.

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