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Default Re: Danica Patricks SI swimsuit photos

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Please enlighten me here. When has Danica Patrick ever "taken off her clothes"? In the SI swimsuit edition, she is shown in a bikini. You've never turned your head at a woman in a bikini before? Tell me you've never looked at a Playboy magazine. Oops, silly me - you probably just bought it to read the articles, huh?

Did your Dad tan your hide as a kid for stealing his National Geographic magazines and making a messy in your bedroom closet?

Again - I reiterate - Danica Patrick is very well respected by her male peers and she has the numbers to earn that respect. If her husband doesn't have a problem with her wearing a bikini and posing for a magazine spread, who are you or anyone else to pass judgment?

There is a helluva lot more to worry about in this day and age with regard to raising children than them seeing a beautiful young woman in a bikini who makes an honest living, has never been in trouble and who is truly comfortable within her own skin.

I'm sorry, but that's total bullshit. She's hated by most of the drivers in the IRL for the reckless way she conducts herself on the track. She should have been suspended after what she did to Dan Wheldon at Milwaukee last year. But since she's a girl she got a free pass for her total lack of ragdr for saftey and her total lack of professionalism.

Hey and you stay classy '76. When you can't think of something to say, keep posting pictures.
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