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Default Re: Danica Patricks SI swimsuit photos

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
I have two young daughters. I would love for them to have strong female role models besides their mom. Sports is a brand front frontier for women to be strong role models in. Softball, track & field, basketball, etc all have strong female role models for young girls to follow.

wow. talk about having a "rough time in the real world".

"strong female role models"? you mean like amanda beard, brandy chastain, and gabrielle reese? did they show skin to overcompensate for lack of talent?

do you want your daughters to look up to marion jones or cheryl "clamdigger" swoopes?

good luck sheilding them from the paris hiltons, 16 year old impregnated spears, "high school musical" muff shots on the web, etc. etc.

that is the real world. i think danica in the sun is the least of your problems. i think danica in your racing series is a much bigger issue.

if you need any further proof of how good an over-hyped woman is for bringing a dying franchise out of the dumps, just look at what tom brady did for the patriots.
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