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Default Re: Open Wheel Racing is Back!!

so, how quick do you think the influx of "talent" in the combined series will push danica out of a job and onto a strippers pole or porno set?

personally, i just cant get into the open wheel series. of course im a fan of penske going back to the little al days (unsers are new mexicos finest driving family unless youre talking about while under the influence or on snowmobiles).

and of course i liked rahal in the black n gold mgd car. but i just couldnt get into it when the reigning champ cant crack the field in the 500. when no name nigel mansel wins the 500 and disappears as quickly as he came onto the scene. when theres a tift and the league splits, and all the drivers are bores.

the stewarts, newmans, and gordons belong in nascar, as does helio castroneves. not only is his talent being wasted in open wheel, but more importantly, his marketability. maybe hornish jr. making the jump is a sign of things to come.

i still like watching the brickyard, and any race i can catch in texas where the drivers are getting vertigo.

but i just dont see the appeal that nascar has. i was a nascar fan before racing fan so im sure that has something to do with it. of course nascar translates so much better over the tv than open wheel racing does.

the combination of the leagues is a good thing, but it will do nothing more to draw in fans such as myself. shit, the only thing i know about champ car is paul tracey.
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