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Default Re: The Solution to the Steelers Problems??

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past

The Dillon situation was a million miles from being a T.O. situation.

Dillon never called out his own QB for losing his nerve.

Dillon was never part of a team that would EVER challenge for any honors under its current management.

Dillon never threatened to not play unless his monetary demands were met.

The Dillon situation was one of a Pro-bowl calibre RB who was not content to sit back and watch his team embarrass themselves year in year out despite his own best efforts (every year bar one was a 1000yd year)

Im grateful we have Dillon right now - my only wish is we could have had him a few years earlier where we would have alot more mutual success.

miles away??? dillon said hed rather flip burgers than play for the bengals. instead of calling out whichever pathetic qb they had at the time he called out the WHOLE ORGANIZATION.

dillon got himself benched with the emergence of rudi johnson with a mystery injury that never seemed to heal.

the t.o. situation was one of a pro-bowl calibur wr who was not content to sit back and watch its teams embarras itsself whether it was s.f. falling apart due to cap issues or the eagles embarrasing themselves in the superbowl despite his best efforts.

they are strikingly similar. only difference is that 1 wears a ring and the other doesnt, and one (dillon) immediately got a re-done contract and an extension.
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