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Default Re: Danica Patricks SI swimsuit photos

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Hey, you guys wanted him back, so, well, he's back, and right back at it...

Anyway, this is all bullshit. Danica has been running open wheel since she was a kid, and she's run well in every series she's driven in. She's earned her ride driving in a bunch of very competitive European open-wheel circuits (the same circuits that the F-1 drivers have to cut their teeth on). This is typical knee-jerk Jeremy drama-queen stuff where we are supposed to all accept his opinion just because he can write strongly worded posts. The facts are the facts, and they do not support his position.

The FACT is that Danica doing all these spreads has brought a TON of attention to a sport that most Americans would rather have a good bowel movement than actually sit down and watch. Her popularity actually had a role in IRL and CART/Champ Car (or whatever they call themselves this week) merging. It's been in the works for years, and her popularity has only helped. The other drivers have a love/hate thing with her, too, but they at least begrudgingly give her a little respect. Not so with our resident board misogynist.
It would be stupid of me to ask you to back that up with anything close to a fact.
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