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Default Re: The Solution to the Steelers Problems??

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE
Not only would the steelers never consider signing TO
TO himself would never sign with the steelers...he knows they are a run first second third and once again and maybe pas later team........
He would never sign with them.
And personally i hope TO is out of football......hopefully every team out there will see that TO is a parasite that will eventually ruin your team
well if the steelers dont ATLEAST consider it for the right price then they are stupid.

if the organizations mission statement is to field a team with players of impeccable character, rather than winning a sb, they should just come out and say it. didnt we have bam morris last time we went to a sb?

that run 1st, 2nd, 3rd, philosophy is great but it has sucked the last 3 weeks when steelers cant muster 100 yds rushing. with ben throwing bombs to t.o. do you think defenses would be stacking the box?

point is, as an organization you must be willing to take a chance now and then. buc's brought in keyshawn and traded for gruden. j. jones won the sb's with a crack head whoring wr. he then acquired a volotile "me, me, me" guy deion sanders. pats brought in dillon, eagles t.o. oakland had barrett robbins and gave rod woodson a shot to resume his career. rams traded for marshall faulk and let a grocery boy qb their team (character actually counted in this instance, but the point is the rams took a chance, risk and made a splash.) ty law was a druggie. the list goes on.....

t.o. just opened his big fat mouth and offered a candid opinion and stomped on the star in dallas. if i were him id be kinda pissed to if i was rehabbing my knee for the sb at less than market value and all my teammates can say is "we dont need him anyways" "we made it this far 3 years without him" (not direct quotes) did he handle the matter wrong? yes. does he have a snowballs chance in hell to become a steeler? no. not to even consider it though is a huge mistake. especially if he can be gotten at bargain price.

i prefer chevy's over fords but i sure as hell would drive a brand new mustang for $5000.
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