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Default Re: Madden 08, XBOX 360 Live players!

Originally Posted by klick81 View Post
When are you on? By the way...what's your playing style? What I should be asking you play with one or two gimmick plays, or do you play like football is meant to be played?
LOL I have Lloyadfan's gamertag but he is the only person I have from Steelersfever on my list.

I have never played it online but I have the game. I am doing a superstar player. I dont play enough to got those gimmick plays. I got plays that I will got to when I need like 10 yards but i wouldnt consider them gimmick plays. Also I would say I run alot more than I pass. I play with defense always changing my coverages and blitzing from different spots and making adjusments pre snap on defense that how I win.

I go to boarding school so I dont get to play online when I am at school. But i get to own the kids in my dorm because 2 of them have a 360. And my brother is on alot i would say like at least once every 2 days. And when I am home I do do my fair share of gaming. But mostly Halo 3 is what I play.

add me I am on spring break starting this Thursday so I wil be on alot

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