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Default Re: My son...

Great story Stu.

Here's one for fellow boarders with children of the car seat age.
Last Easter my girlfriend and our two sons headed out to a local park. After the usual struggle with the carseats we were on our way. It wasn't far into the trip that my 5 year old decided it would be "groovy" to let himself out and then release the 3 year old. There was a ton of traffic, so I started looking for a place to pull over. It was only a few moments before the blue lights came on and I had no choice but to pull over. Apparently, the 3 year old had successfully flagged down a state trooper out of the back window.
I explained what happened (over the massive crying the two boys were doing about this time), truly expecting the trooper to blast me and not believe my story. I think he felt sorry for me with all the noise going on in the car and only gave me one no child restraint ticket instead of two like he could have.

Last Easter Sunday cost me an extra $114.50, but I wouldn't change a thing about that day. That's life as a parent.

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