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Default Interview with Bens thumb

Mike Tanier /
Posted: 17 hours ago

We begin this week with a Rundown exclusive: an interview with Ben Roethlisberger's right thumb.

Rundown: You had a rough game against the Bengals. Was it difficult to grip the ball?

Big Ben's Thumb: I felt fine. You can't blame that game on me. Willie Parker's fingers fumbled twice. Why don't you interview them?

RD: Did the glove you were wearing affect your performance?

BBT: An NFL body part must be ready to play under any conditions. Would I have preferred to go gloveless? That's irrelevant. All I can do is get ready for the Bears this week.

RD: Have you gotten any words of encouragement from other appendages around the league?

BBT: Brett Favre's knuckles called me after the game. Deion Sanders' toe has also been there for me. And Tommy Maddox's thumb offers a lot of advice; it has been in some rather tight spots lately.

RD: What about the alleged rift between you and middle finger, who pointed you out in a recent interview?

BBT: Middle and I have a professional relationship, and that's it. We're separated by a whole digit, so we don't have to be too close to win games. He just has to keep my name out of the media, that's all.

RD: Any comment on the nose-picking allegations?

BBT: You have to ask Index about that. This interview's over.

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