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Default Re: What am i hearing?

Originally Posted by KC_Steeler
Congrats to the Bungles, They have finaly won the North. Chad Johnson is not a TO, Like I heard someone else say he is just having fun...I like CJ. And Palmer to Johnson will be heard around the leauge for a long time. They are not getting rid of him. Now TJ alphabet and Henry will be looking to make more money and probably not be around. And if the Bungles want to consistantly get wins they will need a 2nd and 3rd reciever. Like Indy. They are going with the mold the Colts made...spend money on offense and hire a Defensive Head Coach to make a young defense play OK. The problem with that is that they play Outside and in the AFC North...So Palmer will get beat up and if that happens...well what would the Colts be with out Manning.

As far as the passing of the torch that won't happen look the Ratbirds won a couple North titles and even a superbowl...but every year we are right there at the top with them...they may have a couple years and then fall back to the bottom of the North like the Ratbird, But we will always be at the top of the division because of the Rooney family...Thank You!

All of that being we will run the table or even if we go 3-1 we will still see you in the playoffs...I mean SD will be lucky to go 2-2 and if they do we have the tie breaker.
Kansas City...2 road games at Dallas and NYG and both teams playing for a playoff spot...good luck on the road. I live in KC and they cant win on the road. That will leave them with 2 home games against SD and Cinci....

I hate to say it Fellow Steeler Fans but in the last week of the reagular season we will have to cheer for the Bungles to get us in the playoffs...(they will probably lose and give up a 1st round bye just so they don't have to see us in the
Right on KC Steeler!!!
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