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Default Re: Let's Goooooooooooo, Mountaineers!!!!!

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
I tend to agree, Pitt is on the upswing, WVU is on the down, and USF will be fighting mad this year as well.

Rutgers is going to be down, no telling with the Cuse, Louisville is do to rebound a bit, UConn, coin flip that team. Cincy, probably down. This year Pitt should be strong enough to win the Big East, especially with the other teams being so young.
I'll have to add to that. Pitt seems bound to have a year that could spur that program. Just look at Penn State, though beating a pathetic Indiana team 22-18, that sparked the comeback of winning in the Program. For Pitt, you guys just beat them 13-9 when they had a chance at a National Championship team. So hey, history might repeat itself down there.

Rutgers- Couldn't agree more

Syracuse- Until we see them doing something good, ask me around week 8

Louisville- Always Good, but with Brohm gone they'll be interesting to follow this year.

Uconn- Undecided

Cincy- Not much seen from them since 2005 when PSU plastered them

WVU- I expect to be down early making the transition to a new head coach, but should do well enough to make a bowl.

USF- Probably the biggest contender for the conference title. Potentially their match up with Pitt could decide who wins the Big East if they play as good as the last 2 years, but also improve.

Pitt's schedule favors them to at least make a bowl game. The big one will be Iowa out of the non-conference. I could see Pitt going 7-5 to 9-3. Wins against Bowling Green, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rutgers, Notre Dame, Cincinnati as locked in wins. The other 6 will be interesting.

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