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Default Steelers Franchise (madden)

I'm in my 8th year of franchise and the last 2 years of my team were amazing.
My team was really good and I had great seasons, but the problem is that my players are getting too good, too fast.
Too good.
They all starting holding out on me so what I did was try and resign some of my players to 7 year contracts in order to free up some cap room.
These guys that I resigned wanted more money because they were so much better, so for that year I was fine.

But then all the sudden, next year at the beginning of the offseason, I have -29 mill cap room.

At first I was just like- wtf you serious man?
And then I realized it was because I resigned so many players, and their salary for each year goes up each year a little bit.

So in my 5th year of franchise I had ridiculously good players- in every position I had the BEST in the league, but then I couldn't afford them anymore and it's become a cycle where I can't even draft anymore! (I have no cap room so I trade my draft picks for players)

What can I do about this to stop the cycle?

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