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Thumbs up Re: Our Terribe Towel -vs- Their Imitation

Originally Posted by Grey
I'd like to make a point.

The Terrible Towel is the original. There is none other like it. All of the crappy ass towels that other teams are waving now are much smaller because they are freebies handed out on game day. Steelers fans purchase their Terrible Towels.

But here's the real difference resulting from that fact: a Steelers fan holds his Terrible Towel on one end in his clenched fist and waves with all his might, while the imitators, with their skimpy little cheapos can only hold the tiny rag in their fingertips and twirl it a bit because it's too small to hold it in a fist and still have anything to wave. Watch the stands in some other games and you'll see what I'm talking about.

This is no trivial point, and it should give you all some pleasure as you realize that there is still no competitor to The Terrible Towel.

Here's to Myron.

Here we go.
Long live the terrible towel!

Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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