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Default Pirates now gone

I was bored tonight and was just wondering how a couple of players who drove some heated debates were doing this spring. I only looked at Brad Eldred and Jose Castillo because they are who I happened to be curious about, but I'm sure there are lots of our guys out there so go ahead and make this thread buzz.

Anyways here's Brad. Not looking so good, although if the White Sox end up trading Konerko perhaps he could snag a backup role for first? No plate discipline, bad contact rate, but he does have a triple!

18 AB .167/.286/.333 0 HR 7 SO 2 BB

Jose Castillo with the Fish:

18 AB .167/.211/.444 1 HR 1 RBI 2 SO 1 BB

He's lucked out because McPherson has been injured so it has been between him and Cantu. Cantu has been tearing it up with a .935 OPS in 20 ABs though. I was reading a Marlins message board and earlier in the spring they thought Castillo was the leading candidate for third base, but now who knows? I don't think anyone is even discussing it right now. For all of Castillo's deficiencies he's going to be better than Cantu with the glove.

Alright, any other players to think of who may or may not be heading off to greener pastures this year?

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