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Default Re: Atlanta Motor Speedway

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i think its Kurt who is despised. i think Rowdy Shrub is just guilty by association.

i'll be shocked if anybody besides hendrick, roush, or gibbs wins a point title (almost as shocked as kurt winning it several years back). the fact that kurt was with roush and kyle has found success with hendrick and gibbs, isnt suprising.

the fact that they wanted to put a 16-17 year old bush jr. in a ride isnt suprising either.

he's "young, dumb, and full of errr.... talent".

i'd be suprised if stewart wins more champs than his new teammate from here on out.
I post on a couple of NASCAR message boards and I can tell you that he's hated by a lot of fans. He's reckless and has pissed a lot of people in the garage off. Of course Gibbs seems to collect these pricks. Hamlin, Stewart, and now Shrub.
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