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Default Re: Steelers vs Bears Game Day Thread

Now that's Steelers football!

100 yard rusher, over 40 team carries for almost two bills, and no sacks from one of the best 'D'-lines in football. Of course, getting lucky and recovering fumbles didn't hurt either. Could somebody please hang on the damn ball!?!

Defense was good enough against a poor offensive team.

Neither Lovie Smith or the Bears radio guys would credit anything but "poor tackling," and "getting caught out of position." Oh well, sour grapes taste good depending on who's drinking them.

On to the Vikes. Seven more wins and the team is tied with the 'Boys and the 'Niners. Here we go Steelers, here we go!

Oh yeah, message to Dennis da Bears fan: Nice having you on the site. You had good posts that were well thought out and supported with evidence. No bluster. Solid work. Good luck rest of the season and hopefully the Steelers can help your team out and beat the Vikes.

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