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Default Re: Steelers vs Bears Game Day Thread

Originally Posted by TexaSteeler
SD and the Chiefs lost. What a day, we're in the sixth spot now, right?
Actually I was looking at the standings and KC is the number 6 seed right now. The Chiefs have the same record as us, but they have a 2 game better winning record against AFC teams which is the next tie breaker after head to head. Since we didn't play them head to head that above fact would decide it should we both win it out (assuming Jax wins out).

Jax would be #5, and KC #6. So we need Jax to lose 2 games, KC lose one more (and we win out). That would put us in as #6.

At this point #6 or #5 doesn't matter, you're going on the road. #5 would be a little attractive because they would get New England first but then probably a trip to Indianapolis. Of course #6 would get Cincy first then Indianapolis anyway. So it's 50/50. At this point I'd love to see Cincy choke and give us the division but they won the division last week.

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